A New Breed of HR Executives

The changes happening in the workforce are not isolated. Rather, the changes have caused ripples of change, or necessity of change, in every area they touch. One very effected niche is HR, which is going to need a whole new “breed” of executives.

A recent Deloitte.WSJ.com article outlined ways in which the HR department needs to shift in order to still be effective. Citing a growing economy and a shortage of talent, the article says that there are 4 “themes” that HR executives can expect in the coming months.

  1. HR executives will need to shift their focus from day to day operations to being strategic and a department known for inciting change and growth.
  1. Talent are looking for options within their opportunities that look less than conventional and HR executives must be prepared to meet them. This extends from salary and benefits to the duration of their employment.
  1. HR executives must familiarize themselves with analytics. But as the article cautions, the amount of available data can be overwhelming. Therefore, executives “should consider generating and syndicating clear problem statements specific to their industry and company situation, then deploying analytics to tease out the root causes and their dynamics.”
  1. HR executives will need to be ready to attract talent. Today’s talent is looking for more than a job, they’re looking for an experience. HR leaders should take note and be prepared to “[provide] employees with a sense of purpose and contribution to the greater good”, which “is becoming highly desirable in attracting and retaining candidates.”

Clearly it’s time to rethink the way HR has always been done. It’s time for a new model, a new way of connecting and retaining talent. Maybe it’s time for Quintegra.

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