Innovation and HR…It’s not a Foreign Concept

According to Business Improvement Architects (BIA), “Dave Ulrich, professor of business at the University of Michigan, has long argued that HR leaders should assume a more vital, strategic role inside their companies, rather than merely keeping busy with everyday stuff like: policies, payroll, and picnics. Ulrich says that HR leaders should strive to build and strengthen the unique set of organizational capabilities that give an organization its competitive advantage. In essence, this means developing a particular mix of resources, processes and values that makes it hard for rivals to match what your organization does.”

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What Anticipating the Gap in 2015 Means

Well-known HR thought-leader from the Silicon Valley, Dr. John Sullivan, recently wrote about the biggest strategic challenges or problems that corporate recruiting leaders will face in the next few years. In his list, the highest impact problems and challenges appear first.  He explains that “If you don’t act proactively to mitigate these major challenges, they unfortunately may grow out of control, causing exponential damage to your firm.”

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Do You Want to Buy It or Build It?

What are your options when it comes to getting the right recruitment and hiring process? They certainly have evolved in the last ten years. It used to be fairly easy to bench build and to tap into your ready-made cue when it came to putting people in the right position. Today, however, the hiring environment is a lot more complex.

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