Crazy Suggestions for Meeting Recruitment Challenges and Why You Don’t Have to Follow Them

CEO’s know that having the right talent means everything when it comes to the success of their organization. But they’re facing greater and greater challenges in finding them. Some CEOs are getting desperate. We came across a few crazy suggestions for meeting those challenges that you (thankfully) don’t have to follow.

A recent article demonstrated the panic some CEOs feel when it comes to finding the right talent. In fact, the article offers some advice to those who may be nearing desperation.

In addition to job fairs, talent auditions, job boards, and offering incentives for employees who provide referrals, the article made a few suggestions (which again, you don’t need to follow!)

  1. “Give executives time off to become active members of their alumni associations
  2. Give executives time off to broaden their networks through teaching at local universities and colleges
  3. Hold summer placements for high school and college students
  4. Provide scholarships for high-potential high school graduates from low income families in exchange for a certain number of years of service
  5. Sponsor tutoring programs at schools with high failure and drop out rates
  6. Partner with local schools to arrange field trips and site visits to company locations.”

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