How it works

We have taken the most critical activities of the recruitment and selection process and integrated “best practice” methodologies and technology since our start in 1997 to form a single-source platform that focuses on you.

Your customized platform is delivered through dedicated client teams focused on one thing – delivering you guaranteed results.

You should also know…

  • The candidate databases that we build are proprietary to you
  • At the beginning of every search we develop a project plan with specific timelines and promise 0% wasted time on unqualified candidates
  • Our staffing teams are dedicated to delivering results – their compensation is team based and tied to your goals
  • Under-performance on our part results in a financial penalty so your success is our success

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Building Your Customized Talent Platform

While economic conditions have forced changes for most companies, simply doing what you have always done with fewer people is a recipe for disaster. The key to building a sound recruiting infrastructure is to align talented people in the right positions to meet your business objectives. This doesn’t have to be a daunting task. We’ll help you build a Customized Talent Platform that incorporates a dedicated recruiting team with effective recruiting processes and technology. Your team will be people who are passionate about recruiting. They will work closely with you to seamlessly integrate within your organizational structure.


We’ll help you map out the entire recruiting process to ensure a flow of quality hires that support the growth of your business.


Our Work is Guaranteed – All of our work is backed by a Performance Guarantee. We are committed to developing true partnerships that include collaboration, balanced risk sharing and mutually agreed upon performance objectives. Our recruiting teams are dedicated to delivering results for you. Their compensation is team-based and is tied to your goals. Under-performance on our part results in a financial penalty so your success is our success!





Development of Hiring Criteria

To land the ideal candidate you must know what you’re looking for.  The hiring criteria needs to be specific and clear.  We’ll define the specifics of the position and document what it means to be a successful candidate from a technical, behavioral and culture perspective.  This criteria will set the standards by which each candidate is measured.


One of the keys to a successful recruiting program is to be able to describe your promotional strategy.  We’ll seek to understand why someone would leave a similar role for this positon.  Where might this person grow in a three to five year period and why your company is a great place to work.  This will allow us to present your company in the best possible light.


Once the hiring criteria and promotional strategy are documented for the open position, we will develop a project plan with measurable goals and timelines so you know where the process stands, every step of the way.





Comprehensive Sourcing

Finding the right candidate can be challenging and there are no shortcuts. It takes more than posting a few ads and weeding through the candidates who apply. Our team of certified sourcing specialists know how to seek out and find candidates who fit your hiring criteria.

Passive Candidates –
We use targeted sourcing techniques to identify candidates who are qualified for your open positions. By proactively sourcing job boards, social networks, chat rooms, industry associations and many other data mining resources, we leave no stone unturned.


Direct Sourcing Candidates – The best candidates are typically employed. We will develop a targeted list of companies and identify candidates who meet your hiring criteria. Then, we’ll call them and tell them your story and why they should consider you as their next employer.


Active Candidates – We will cast a wide net looking for candidates. By posting ads on general and niche job boards and spreading the word via social media, no channel is left unexplored. We’ll help you revitalize your employee referral program to equip your current employees to help in the search.




Qualifying Candidates

Our two-step interview methodology will evaluate whether the candidate is qualified from a technical, behavioral and cultural perspective. We will assess their career goals and their motivational reasons for changing jobs. And, by using a situational challenge we will ensure that candidates are right for the job before we present them to you. The qualification process is based on the principle of past performance predicts future performance.

The candidates who meet the hiring criteria will be presented to the selection team in a consistent and legally defensible manner. Our submittal process includes a detailed assessment of the candidate’s background and overall fit for the position – career history, education, career goals, drawbacks, motivators and compensation. A copy of the candidate’s own resume or profile will accompany the submittal.



Selection Interviews and Process Management

Structured interviews will help ensure that everyone is on the same page. We will help your selection team prepare for the interview and handle all of the scheduling details. After the interviews are complete, we will conduct a debrief session to draw consensus around the candidate to receive an offer. Highly qualified candidates seldom stay on the market for long, so we’ll keep things moving to seize the opportunity.

Selection Interview Training –
Experienced interviewers don’t use a “gut feel” to make a hiring decision. They know that every interview should be conducted purposefully and with specific goals that lead to conclusions. Hiring teams who understand how important the interview process is to your company’s future will prepare well and be much more effective in evaluating candidates. They will consider it an honor to be part of the selection process. We’ll customize selection interview training for you and help make your organization great at hiring!

Offer Preparation –
We will make sure the candidate’s salary expectations are clear. We will also conduct a trial offer to help eliminate counter offers and increase your offer-to-acceptance ratio. We will also prepare the written offer letter for your approval.

Reference Checking –
We will facilitate the process of conducting reference checks to gather information on each candidate’s previous work experience.

Background Checks/Drug Screens –
We will facilitate the process of background checks and drug screens to be sure your candidate is cleared to be hired.

Testing –
We will facilitate any testing you may have in place to help evaluate a candidate’s overall fit for the position.



QHire Technology

Recruiting is challenging and it’s difficult to filter through what to report and when to report it. We will mutually determine what data to collect so you can answers questions such as “how long does it take to fill a position? Or “how many candidates did we interview last year?” We’ll make sure you have accurate answers.

Technology – 
QHire technology provides a broad range of functionality that will allow you to effectively manage the entire recruiting process – from job requisitions and the approval process, to sourcing, recruiting and hiring candidates for your open positions. QHire is customizable and connects seamlessly to your company’s website and is designed to be the entry point for all candidates. QHire is deployed in hundreds of companies across five different continents.

Proprietary Databases – 
Knowledge is power, and we put the power in your hands. The candidate database we build belongs to you and you will have full access to all candidate information when the engagement is complete. We do not share databases among our clients. The information is yours alone.

Customized Reporting – 
Quintegra will develop management reports to measure progress, performance, current status, key metrics and leading/lagging indicators. At every step in the process, we’ll identify and track key milestones, commitments and responsibilities. Reports will be customized and available on a real-time basis.




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