How to Not Experience a Talent Shortage

Word on the street is that there’s a talent shortage going around. A recent study detailed the global struggle, with Japan topping the surveyed countries with 81% having trouble filling jobs. And even though the US was lower, they still fell above the global average, with 40% struggling to fill jobs.

While the talent shortage has been felt across industries, the study showed the top industries effected were:

  1. Skilled trade workers
  2. Engineers
  3. Technicians

These industries, along with all affected, are feeling the pressure that a lack of adequate employees is creating. According to the study, “the most common impact companies reported is a reduced ability to serve clients, closely followed by reduced competitiveness and productivity.” But there are a lot of people without work.

How can there be a shortage?

Companies aren’t looking for just anyone these days to fill their positions. The study shows that employers named at least five major factors when it came to difficulty in securing a hire.

  1. Candidates don’t have the required technical knowledge
  2. There are not enough available applicants
  3. Candidates do not have enough experience
  4. Candidates’ skills are not employable
  5. Candidates’ expectations did not align with the organization

But just because the rest of the world is coming up short when it comes to talent doesn’t mean you have to as well.

So how do you avoid the talent shortage?

When you partner with an RPO like Quintegra, the process of finding and securing the right hire for your organization is essentially complete. Our technologies, resources and solutions mean you never have to feel the effects (or panic) of a talent shortage.

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