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Metcalf’s Law and the Job Seeker

Metcalf’s Law – the “value” or “power” of a network increases in proportion to the square of the number of nodes on the network.

Attributed to Robert Metcalf (c. 1946 – ), founder of 3Com and inventor of the Ethernet

Networking, Networking, Networking… Everyone will tell you that networking is the best way to find a job. All of us have been approached for networking help many times by friends or ex-colleagues who are looking for a new job or consulting work. Oftentimes they will attach their résumé and ask us to let them know if we hear of opportunities that might fit their interests and capabilities.  Sometimes we’ll suggest that they contact a person or two; occasionally we hear of a specific opportunity on our grapevine that might be suitable, and we make a connection or suggest a lead. Arguably all such networking is good, but the ROI is not high. There is a better way. Networking should be very specific; and the world of social media far exceeds the days of the Rolodex in terms of reach and potential.

The greater your network, the greater your reach. You should be striving to extend your network as much as you can. This is not just because someone you know might hear of the perfect job for you. It’s more because when you are trying to access a particular target company, the greater your reach, the more chance there will be that someone you know directly or indirectly can open the door for you.

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