Your business isn’t static; it’s constantly moving forward, adapting and progressing each day. In this changing climate, your recruitment needs are naturally going to fluctuate as well. The challenge of a spike in hiring, plant relocation or a start-up company can place unrealistic expectations on Human Resources or a recruitment team to meet deliverables and deadlines.

Search firms are expensive, job boards flood you with unqualified candidates and managing multiple priorities makes the hiring process difficult. Allow Quintegra to provide you with the means–-but not the ongoing costs–-to be constantly recruitment-ready.

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As an extension of your organization, we can help you set up the back room and provide the capabilities to eliminate the burden of short-term recruiting demands. From helping you with the job specification, to finding a viable candidate pool, to pre-selecting down to the highly-qualified few, we know the drill. We’ll get to know your business well, and you can rest easy knowing that your staffing needs are being taken care of. Better yet, your hiring costs, recruitment effectiveness and cycle-time metrics will be achieved, not to mention the hassle-quotient.

Partnering with Quintegra is a truly collaborative experience.