Comprehensive Sourcing

Finding the right candidate can be challenging and there are no shortcuts. It takes more than posting a few ads and weeding through the candidates who apply. Our team of certified sourcing specialists know how to seek out and find candidates who fit your hiring criteria.

Allow us to provide you a qualified short list of candidates

Direct Sourcing Candidates – The best candidates are typically employed. We will develop a targeted list of companies and identify candidates who meet your hiring criteria. Then, we’ll call them and tell them your story and why they should consider you as their next employer.

Passive Candidates – We use targeted sourcing techniques to identify candidates who are qualified for your open positions. By proactively sourcing job boards, social networks, chat rooms, industry associations and many other data mining resources, we leave no stone unturned.

Active Candidates – We will cast a wide net looking for candidates. By posting ads on general and niche job boards and spreading the word via social media, no channel is left unexplored. We’ll help you revitalize your employee referral program to equip your current employees to help in the search.

Partnering with Quintegra is a truly collaborative experience.