Stay Ahead with Quintegra

When asked where they see their industry heading in 2015, recruiters had a lot to say. A article posted the thoughts of both agency and in-house recruiters. The responses covered a wide array of topics, but a few included:

  1. A global/multi-country approach
  2. Continue to be more progressive in approach to recruiting
  3. Increased demand for specialized skill sets
  4. Employer brand and engagement being paramount
  5. A demand for more mobility
  6. RPOs will be “considered the most strategic category of business service”

We can’t argue with that, especially with #6.

As the workforce continues to evolve, Quintegra is at the front, leading the way with strategies to connect, attract, secure, and retain top talent for your organization. We have cutting-edge technologies and resources employed by our industry-leading experts. All to make sure you get the people you need in the opportunities you have for them. Contact us today to see what a partnership with Quintegra can mean for you in 2015.