The Great RPO Shift

Traditionally, RPOs served a specific niche: to fill lots of low-level positions quickly and cheaply. But that’s all changing. RPOs like Quintegra are focused on finding a different sort of employee.

Companies like Quintegra are brought in to find quality talent, the right candidate for not only the position, but the organization as a whole. And this is where the ballgame changes. The “right candidate” looks vastly different than it used too. RPOs are tapping into analytics to help businesses:

“…tie their recruiting efforts to things like time to productivity, improved retention and the effect on sales….”

Additionally, more and more organizations are adopting more contingent labor. The article states that reports highlight that:

“…by 2017, 45 percent of the total workforce will be made up of contingent or contract workers, with is about 13 percentage points higher than today.”

While most RPOs are trying to keep up with the demands of today’s workforce, Quintegra is leading the way. We stay on the forefront of workforce trends, customizing our solutions to the ever-changing needs of your organization. Our cutting-edge technology and industry-leading experts not only understand the needs of your organization, but are prepared to meet them.

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