Top Talent Challenges Businesses Face

If you have been presented with the challenge of filling a job opening recently, you will probably agree that it can sometimes be tough to connect with qualified candidates. Surprisingly, finding strong candidates is not the toughest challenge businesses face today.

Newly released research from Deloitte shows that culture, engagement and employee retention are now the top talent challenges facing business leaders. More than half of the business leaders rated this issue as “urgent” – up from only around 20% last year.

So when we look at our candidate pool for an open position, how can we identify which potential employees not only possess the required skills and experience for the job, but will engage with us, be a good culture fit and have the potential to be a long term employee? There are plenty of data points that can be analyzed, charts that can be referenced, but let’s be real. These technologies are great, but they can’t replace the knowledge gained through personal interaction.

Quintegra has created the perfect balance between technology, personal interaction and professional service and offers this in the form of our Talent Connection Platform. Quintegra is passionate about wanting to improve your organizations’s hiring process.