Unlike search firms, technology or other traditional recruiting options, we build customized solutions that are delivered through dedicated client teams focused on one thing – delivering you guaranteed results.

Critical Hire SolutionMultiple Hire Solution

We Are Growing!

We are pleased to announce that we have been acquired by Sales Xceleration and will now be operating under the name of Amplify Recruiting. 

We are different than traditional search firms


  1. Our fees are fixed, all-inclusive and NOT calculated on 25% to 30% of a candidate’s salary
  2. Our recruitment teams are dedicated to delivering results and our professionals are paid base salaries which results in NO individual, self-serving commissions.
  3. Our work product is focused on our clients NOT us. The candidate databases we build are exclusive to each client we serve, and a copy is provided at the end of each engagement.
  4. We believe in taking our clients on the journey with us so there are NO hidden surprises. We develop a project plan with specific timelines, deliverables and promise 0% wasted time on unqualified candidates.
  5. All our work products are backed by our Performance Guarantees and if we don’t deliver our clients don’t pay.

The only customized talent connection platform that guarantees outcomes for each client we serve

Critical Hire Solution

Our team of certified sourcing specialists know how to seek out candidates who fit your hiring criteria.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We have the back room, systems, capabilities, and experience to handle your recruiting needs.





Began with a pilot – ABB Robotics
1st RPO provider – Deloitte US & Canada
Ernst & Young Entrepreneur finalist


Large national clients – Siemens, Alcoa, Mobile, Abbott, Lilly, Anderson, Fifth Third Bank, RSM US


Global expansion
India – research centers
Global clients – BOC/Linde Gases


Global financial crisis
+10% unemployment – Clients cancelled
Reduced overhead by 85%


Creation of our Talent Connection Platform (TCP)
Solution for individual critical hires
Upfront all-inclusive fixed fees
6 month placement & hire guarantees


Experience in most industries in US/Canada
Servicing national, multi-year RPO clients
Implement our TCP solution for individual critical hires

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