Hello – many in our network are adding critical hires in the 4th quarter in preparation for 2021 so I thought you might find value in a reminder of our current recruitment fee structures and guarantees.

For more than 20 years, we have worked in partnership with our clients to execute the critical elements of a search process to identify and hire qualified Professionals in your industry.
We guarantee hires, have a 6 month placement guarantee and our fee structure is fixed and all-inclusive.
Senior level positions – $12,000
Management/Niche positions – $9,000
Professional positions – $7,000
Other positions – $5,000

30 to 60 professional hires in a 12-month period – $4,000 per hire
61 to 120 professional hires in a 12-month period – $3,000 per hire
120+ position per hire cost is dependent on client and leveling of positions
If you need help with a critical hire or are interested in our seamless outsourcing solution, let’s set up a call to discuss. 

Mark Clevenger
President, Quintegra