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“When we made the strategic decision to outsource our recruitment function, we conducted a detailed analysis of the type of relationship we were seeking. Working closely with the leadership team at Quintegra, we implemented a recruitment program that allowed us to enhance the quality of candidates, improve efficiencies in our recruiting efforts, offer more resourcing services to the businesses we support and save over $2 million during the first year.”

– National Director of Recruitment/Industrial Solutions

“Working with the team at Quintegra, we obtained maximum results from our sources of candidates – 35% of our hires came from the employee referral program alone. Our employees loved the communication process and knowing the status of their referrals! Through the use of recruitment technology we standardized the recruitment process and were able to meet the growing demands of our business.”

– Recruitment Manager/Consulting

“The leadership team at Quintegra has developed a recruitment model to help their clients go beyond the traditional methods of recruitment and access more of the candidate market. Their direct-sourcing methodology allows for penetration of the “qualified universe,” generating pools of candidates who are more qualified and filling positions more quickly than a client can do on their own. Quintegra’s staffing models are vital to any organization that is interested in growing its human capital.”

– Manager of Staffing/Healthcare

“If you’re looking for experts in the field of recruitment, look to Quintegra. You won’t find a more experienced group in building and managing teams to meet your hiring goals. They truly live up to their purpose statement.”

– Director of Recruitment/Advertising

“The leadership team at Quintegra is highly experienced at developing and implementing recruitment models that will give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace today. Their ability to work seamlessly with a client will allow your hiring managers to focus on core business activities, rather than the tedious and time-consuming steps involved in recruiting.”

– CEO/Consulting

“I’ve never worked with a more efficient organization than Quintegra Resourcing. Through the use of their recruitment technology, they are able to generate reports and provide information to help me run my own organization more profitably.”

– CEO/Consulting

“The caliber of talent within the Quintegra organization is truly outstanding! Their dedication to partnering with their clients, doing what it takes to get the job done and their code of ethics will help push your organization to achieving a standard of excellence in the recruitment arena.”

– Vice President/Mortgage Lending

“The quality of candidates provided by the recruiting team at Quintegra has far exceeded my initial expectations. Their direct sourcing methodology has allowed me to hire experienced employees and reduce the amount of training time necessary for bringing someone up to speed. As a direct result of their efforts, I am now in a position to maximize the profitability of my company.”

– CEO/Insurance

“My job of interviewing and selecting qualified candidates to join my firm has become so much easier since we began working with Quintegra. Their ability to identify and recruit qualified candidates not actively on the job market gives me a competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

– Vice President/Insurance

“It was a difficult decision to centralize the recruitment function for my organization. Many people were skeptical about the results we could achieve and were reluctant to let go of their piece of the pie. I worked closely with the leadership team at Quintegra to help educate my peers and roll out the design of the recruitment model. Together we were able to begin the evolution of change.”

– National Director of Recruiting/Financial

“I have worked closely with the Quintegra team to maximize the use of recruitment technology. Their understanding of how the system should function and its overall capabilities have allowed me to provide useful information from a reporting standpoint.”

– CEO/Technology

“Quintegra Resourcing absolutely understands the need for developing and implementing a recruitment model that will help an organization meet their recruiting objectives. They are experts in the field of recruiting.”

– Manager of Recruiting/Pharmaceuticals

“As someone who’s been a client of top-tier executive search firms, I appreciate the Quintegra service model. It mirrors the quality of a very focused retained search, but for a broad array of managerial skill sets at a much more competitive cost.”

– Human Resource Executive/Professional Services Firm

“The decision to outsource our recruitment function was easy. Finding the right partner was more difficult. We carefully evaluated several potential partners and chose the leadership team at Quintegra. Their combined experience with developing and implementing recruitment programs and direct-sourcing candidates not on the job market today was exactly what we were looking for.”

– Director of Human Resources/Industrial Solutions

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